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Alice Brinkman Literary Agency Welcomes You

Committed to Excellence

Alice Brinkman Literary Agency

Alice Brinkman Literary Agency is known for an unparalleled commitment to getting your writing published. It’s this standard that I guarantee will be the impetus for getting your work into the hands of a publisher that will believe in your writing as much as I do.  This is how I choose to grow my business to make our dreams for success come true.


Store Front

Still reading...write on!!!

First of all I want to applaud all of you who have already experienced publication and recognition.   To all you writers out there who are still writing and still submitting, kudos to you for keeping your dreams alive.  The life of a writer is a lifelong endeavor, if it were easy, everyone would do it.  Some writers will find publication either with a publisher or through self-publishing. Either way, it is something one can be very proud of.For some of us, writing is a lifelong journey whether we find publication or not. So, keep writing.  I would like to encourage those of you who have completed manuscripts to send along at least fifty pages with your query and synopsis. Because of the volume of submissions, I will not be able to respond to each writer.  It is impossible to reach out to every person that submits work to me. This is the reality of the business. So, until then, good luck and write on!!! Alice​​​​​​

Step 1- How Do I Get Published?

It will take an enormous amount of faith for you to believe that I am the person who will work tirelessly to put your name out in the universe. Once I finish reading your submission, I will reach out to you to discuss the next step for possible representation as your literary agent. ​

Step 2 - Trusting Alice Brinkman Literary Agency

We will talk over the phone several times if necessary to discuss whether you will enlist my help in reading your writing, and then in deciding if I am the person you will choose to search for that one special publisher who will change your life forever.

 Signing on with Alice Brinkman 

Once we both agree that I will represent you in finding a publisher, a contract will need to be discussed and signed.  Only after I have a signed contract will I begin the footwork in getting your work out to the publishers.  I will walk you through the contract over the phone, fax etc. to save time and travel.  Remember no one makes a penny until a publisher signs you on.  Keep the faith, this is not a fast process and one must be patient and keep a positive outlook no matter what happens.  

Get in Touch

I would like to see at least 50 pages of finished work if you have it. Some of you are saying that you have completed the manuscript but are only sending me a synopsis. It would help save time to include the pdf with your query/synopis. Cheers! 

Thanks for submitting!

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