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Alice Brinkman Literary Agency Welcomes You

Committed to Excellence

Alice Brinkman Literary Agency

Alice Brinkman Literary Agency is known for an unparalleled commitment to getting your writing published. It’s this standard that I guarantee will be the impetus for getting your work into the hands of a publisher that will believe in your writing as much as I do.  This is my business and how I will work  to grow my business and make our dreams for success come true.

Store Front

This is what I am doing right now, reading, reading, and more reading.

No matter where I am, whether that be in Europe or in the United States, I am reading your emails, sample chapters, or full manuscripts. I read each and every one of them.  The reading takes time, a lot of it, after the reading, I determine whether we go forward in further discussion.   If I fall in love with your writing, we will go to the next step which would be signing a contract for me to represent you. That is how it works in this business. Please understand that I am not ignoring your submissions if it seems it is taking a long time for me to get  back to you. This process can take weeks, sometimes months.   I don't make a penny until we have secured a publisher as is the custom with being a Literary Agent.  However long it takes though,  a writer never stops writing.  Good luck, and 

Happy New Year!  Alice B.

Step 1- How Do I Get Published?

It will take an enormous amount of faith for you to believe that I am the person who will work tirelessly to put your name out in the universe. Once you are convinced you are ready to put your writing and your trust in me then you and I are ready to move on to the next step. 

Step 2 - Trusting Alice Brinkman Literary Agency

We will talk over the phone several times if necessary to discuss whether you will enlist my help in reading your writing, and then in deciding if I am the person you will choose to search for that one special publisher who will change your life forever.

 Signing on with Alice Brinkman 

After we  discuss whether your piece is ready to be marketed, we will have to discuss finances. If I am not successful in finding a mutually agreed upon publisher, then no one gets paid.  However, you and I must discuss how much I will get paid in the event your piece does get published.  We will agree upon the finances and then my work begins.    

Thanks for submitting!

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